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Our vision

We develop a wide range of biomasses in line with current uses

Our vision

Our assessment

Biomass to deal with three challenges

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Our ethics

Adherence to usual practises, local presence, integrity

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Our strategy

Investing right from the project study stage

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Our assessment

Biomass makes it possible to deal with three challenges.

Biomasse, a solution for


Climate protection
by reducing greenhouse gas emissions


The development of a new growth
combining sustainable job creation and local value added


Country energy independence
and control over the cost of energy

Biomass-energy is composed of wood, wood-waste, agricultural residues and agro-industrial wastes.
It is a renewable, local, storable and base-load energy.

Our ethics

Respecting current uses, local presence and integrity.

Energy: rational enhancement of biomass
We consider biomass diversity and respect current uses in order to minimize our supply radius and carbon footprint.

We anchor our action in the local territory
We advocate sustainable development based on circular economy principles to create local, long term employment and support the local economy.

We guarantee trade integrity
Our business approach is marked by honesty and compliance with rules of competition and labour.

Our strategy

Starting in the upstream phase, we invest in industrial projects to develop pellet sectors.


From 10 years, we have been investing in our know-how on securing and industrialisation of biomasses for producing industrial pellets.


Today, we are developing our first project in France: FICA-HPCI®, a concrete showcase of our mastery over biomass industrialisation processes.


We are developing our model in France and internationally in a market with a strong growth potential.

FICA-HPCI® commissioning planned for 2019