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Our mission

Guiding industrial companies ensure a successful energy transition

Our mission

Developing our expertise

We see the bigger picture through our worldwide biomass observatory so we can meet your needs

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Securising access to biomasses

In order to ensure sustainability of your projects

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Industrialising HPCI® production

From the diversity of biomasses to a standard industrial pellet

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Developing our expertise to meet your needs

We reinforce our knowledge in our global biomass observatory for your project study.

10 years of developing knowledge, expertise and feedback:

Bibliography database and Document intelligence

Block diagram of the major land under cultivation and value chains

Physicochemical characteristics and combustion simulator

Directory of suppliers and field competitors

Global quantification of biomass deposits and trends

Prices, price records and price indexes

Securising access to biomasses

We secure our access to biomasses to get sustainable supplies by way of quantity, quality and guaranteed price.

Ranging from the study of requirements to the biomass strategy

Based on our study of the local context, we devise a supply plan prioritising available resources (volumes, accessibility, physicochemical characteristics, price).

Implementation of a partnership

With the owners of biomass resources and the players of the logistical chain in order to guarantee sustainability of the resource to customers (dedicated crops, agro-industrial wastes and agricultural residues).

Standardisation of exchanges and traceability of biomasses

Via private access of each of the players to our supply and delivery contract management extranet (ISO 9001:2008 certified).

Industrialising HPCI® production

From various plant-based resources, we develop and patent the HPCI® pellet, “High Industrial Calorific Value”.

Substitute for coal, fuel oil and gas depending on your specifications

Maximised energy density and chemical stability

Respects the fuel-boiler pair

Adaptable HPCI® preparation. Raw biomasses, pellets, powder

Competitive and indexed price


The "C-series HPCI®", which enables the substitution of coal, is patented in Europe since 2012. We are pursuing its development, in particular by extending its renewable energy rate from 65% to 100%.