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The HPCI® sector is expanding quickly and contributes to the Grand-Est energy transition.
We are currently initiating feasibility studies at EcoRhéna in the Fessenheim region.
1. Eco-transition and energy self-sufficiency
· HPCI®, a 100% renewable energy biofuel, replaces oil, gas and coal.
2. An eco-friendly and energy-efficient industrial project
· No waste, no noise, no smell.
· Industrial heating that can be pooled locally with other industries.
· A significant contribution in meeting French and German environmental targets: less greenhouse gas emissions, less fossil fuel imports.
3. A circular economy. Creation of local jobs that won't be relocated
· Recovery of unused forestry and wood industry residues
· Local industrial, logistical and forestry jobs that cannot be relocated
· Marketing to regional players (heating networks, dedicated and industrial boilers)
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Facts and figures
  • EcoRhéna industrial zone
  • Manufacturing between 125 and 250 000 of HPCI®
  • Between 230,000 and 460,000 tons of CO2 spared (equivalent of 145,000 to 190,000 cars)
  • An investment of between €50m and €90m
  • 200-300 jobs created during construction
  • 350-700 permanent jobs
  • Commissioning is expected by 2023-2024
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We have built FICA-HPCI with Meridiam and la Banque des Territoires, 1st world of its kind and edb-HPCI® technology showcase
France 3 TV report

France 3 Champagne-Ardenne TV report

voir la videoReportage de France 3

FICA-HPCI 1st tree planting

FICA-HPCI 1st tree planting in presence of the Srecretary of State, E. Wargon

voir la videoPlantation du 1er arbre

FICA-HPCI project

FICA-HPCI project

voir la videoProjet FICA-HPCI en vidéo

An innovative biofuel

100% renewable | Hydrophobic and dust-free | Manufactured using edb-HPCI® technology.